Blue and Leather

Blue over Leather

I’m getting really bad about sharing the pictures I take. This was taken at Ashley’s baby shower a few weeks ago.  I understand the blue, since we know the baby will be a boy, but I’m a little confused by the leather boots.  I wasn’t actually invited to the shower, but I was able to take a few pictures before and after and had an able assistant planted with a camera to take all the pictures in between (thanks Linn!).  If you were at the shower, the rest of the pictures can be found here.

Natural Patterns

Thorn Tree

One great thing about a visit to the Longwood Conservatory is the multitude of things to photograph.  I take my share of flower pics, but particularly enjoy the detail and juxtaposition of the exotics in the greenhouse.  I was with a group, and didn’t have time to find the name of the tree with the prehistoric looking thorns on its trunk.